We are people of LOVE. Born of God and called to fulfill His purpose on the earth.  As each year passes by in my life, I  observe just how Christian life transforms. In some ways church has become so much better with newer technologies, even more excellent music, more TV channels where we get to hear the gospel being preached to the world. In some ways we have become worse, with the increase of media futility and the increase of drop-outs from ministry, leaving followers and families broken and confused. Pastoral suicides were almost unheard of in the 90’s yet in the wake of  this year I  have seen a few maybe 3 or 4 in our city. Have we become weaker Christians? or are we just overwhelmed by an out of control world  and no one seems to be teaching adequate coping mechanisms? …Like that would help right?

So did God change address or did we? To many He seems so distant, even some of the most anointed ones these days. Our world has become so synthetic as though Jesus was an app you could download for consultation and switch pages back to  Twitter and Facebook. In the daily run a rounds of ministry it feels like we are forgetting why we started in the first place. Ask yourself these simple questions:

Why do you serve at church? is it because of the call of God upon your life? like it used to be in the beginning?  Is it in search of the authentic move of God maybe? remember the first time you heard His voice? or is your church just a better more comfortable environment for you and the kids? where we listen to the gospel of convenience? Faithful as you and I are I am afraid more are still headed to a Christ less eternity whiele we “do” ministry to the -T.

Why did you repent the last time? because you felt really, really bad or because the Holy Spirit is so close to you that you actually felt….wait for it….. Convicted. Do you know the difference?  Do I anymore? Without the true convictions of the Holy Spirit we settle for the temporary cheaper fix rather than the permanent priceless gift. We need to become more assertive in pursuing authentic Christianity.

I think if we were honest with ourselves, we would see why God seems miles away.  We have drifted!

In their book Pastors at Greater Risks H.B. London Jr. and Neil B. Wiseman site that the average pastor these days is expected to be a “pro” at nothing less than 15 different major roles for his/her members the newest one on the list being a Life Coach. For me this shows just how distracted we have become, where ONE calling has to split attention with 14 other sub-callings. Effectiveness is starved, our lives are overloaded, our critics are louder and slowly we e begin to disintegrate emotionally. While the gift of God is without repentance and miracles are still happening in our churches,  deep inside there is a weakening of Authenticity in all of  us threatening our very crossing of the finish line to hear those six precious words ” well done good and faithful servant”

Unfortunately this seems to be  the reality for many volunteers and full time ministers in our world today. But no! it will not end there. Because we won’t let it.

What this means to me is that there is a need for us to begin to harness the good and be aware of the bad and teach the next generation of leaders about both. We need to STOP, Evaluate what we are doing, seek Him again for “those things which Christ got a hold of me for” break silences on some of the private victories we have seen and experienced and thereby become a brook of fresh waters for each other to drink from.

Don’t you know that as messed up as our lives seem if we put our strengths together we are formidable. that is why Jesus left us with gifts and talents that edify each other. The secret is in you and I becoming Authentic to the purpose of God.




I believe I can be the difference in your life by being authentic and chasing after the authentic. There is a blueprint of God’s purposes for my life invented long before I was in the scene. I want that!  There is a possibility that if I can operate in THAT grace and only THAT one, that I could make YOUR life better.

There is a truth that if I can change those attributes in me, not because of anything else but the Authentic conviction of the Holy Spirit. Change WILL come. Permanent change.  There is a longing for me to be there for you and to strengthen you as you strengthen me in our most Holy Faith through love, justice and righteousness. Without these ingredients somehow our Christianity is becoming salt-less by the day. AUTHENTICITY. If God could really meet with us daily, if our love could really be genuine for one another,  if our unity would be truly heartfelt….. I would be an Iron and so would you and both of us would be SHARPER.



I want to invite you on this journey to be authentic and help others be authentic. Live and let live as we explore our health and balance issues in our sphere of ministry. I believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of which you are a part of. I believe that we all have a critical role to play in assisting each other FINISH STRONG. Send me your comments and suggestions as we make this website live with stories of hope, teaching that refreshes and resources that help our VOLUNTEERS AND FULL TIME MINISTERS START, RUN AND FINISH STRONG!

Ricky Kalu








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