A WARNING from the late Ps Jerome Nel,

jerome-nel-620x300I recently learned of the passing away of Pastor Jerome Nel and in searching for updates online came across a letter on his facebook page. This just happens to also be the last post on this page and it is a WARNING to the body of Christ.  I was moved and encouraged at the same time.

Pastor Jerome led a church in Knysna, was on TBN with his program called GOD IS!!! and authored a book ” Where are the sons in the house” He traveled extensively locally and around the world preaching the gospel in a radical way. Read on…


Dear Ministers, businesspeople, dads and moms. For years I was so busy in the ministry. I worked so hard and gave my life to the church, travelling ministry and generally working so hard to get ahead. I did get ahead and accumulated a lot. Developed and extensive network of “contacts” and built my travelling ministry and television ministry too. I was focused on being popular with men and building myself. All this in the name of the “calling”. 

In the process I almost lost my family. God gave me a serious wake up call and I heeded it. I wish to warn you against this with all the sincerity I can muster. NOTHING is worth losing the hearts of your family over. Time goes by and before you know it, your children are grown and you’ve missed their growing. Long distance love is not love. You’re kidding yourself. Your wife and children need you…not your success.

Now God has placed me in a time of rest with my family. He said that I must never do that again. I watch my children play sport, look after my wife’s needs(time). I spend do all the “dad” stuff. The people, ministry and all that can wait. My children need their father, my wife needs her husband. Your children and your wife needs you. 

All those people you’re giving yourself to, are NOT going to be there for you when you need them. Get back to where you belong. 

So, when I move into the next phase of ministry(and it has begun) I will understand my priority’s. I belong only to God and then my family. 

I love you and hope you can receive this before it’s too late.


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